New Site beta

Hey boys and girls,

My new site is ready for beta viewing and I figure that the few of you who still follow me on LJ are the best beta audience I have. Take a look around and let me know what you think, okay? I'll probably 'launch' it in a couple of few days time; need to do some browser compatibility testing and replace some of the slider graphics still.


Onwards and upwards,

-- JF


The time has come

The time has come, dear Livejournalling friends.

I think it's time to close up shop here.

There are only two or three of you left on here, and the only commentary I get is from Russian spammers. 

My personal website is being remodelled and instea dof using it as an archive where all of my web presence gets aggregated, I'm going to try to make it a hub for me. That means more blogging. That means not blogging here on LJ.

I might keep this journal around as an archive, and I may even syndicate posts from jasonfranks.com onto here (instead of the other way around), but I think the ride here is over. I'll post again when the new site is live but, but right now I think it's time to let this one go. 

-- JF

Blogger Me Sideways

Hey folks,

Feels like a long time since I've blogged about much of anything, and it has been--most of my posts over the past six months have links to reviews of stuff I've written or sales blurbs for new stuff I've had coming out. I apologize; I've had a lot going on this year between my new job, getting married, and the ridiculous number of creative projects I have going on.

Five weeks ago I was  flooded out of my apartment by a  ruptured hot-water heater and, largely due to the not-giving-a-fuckednessof the insurance company, I still have not been able to move back in. Not having access to my home office or my drawing board has been absolutely brutal on my schedule. 

Lots of things going on in the interim. I am now actively pitching some comics projects: BUCKET OF GLASS with Joe Pimienta and KENSUKE, with Tom Bonin. Paul Abstruse and I will shortly begin pitching THE LEFT HAND PATH. We have completed a substantial amoutn of work on all of these projects--between 22 and 40 coloured, lettered pages of art for each one--so that has been a ton of work.

I'm also in the process ramping up McBLACK vol.02, LADY McBLACK. The first issue has been pencilled and I'm feeding Dave Gutierrez pages to ink as fast as I can clean them up. I think this book will be serialized, ratehr than going straight to trade the way vol.01 did.

ALSO. FINALLY. I'm working through final edits for my first novel BLOODY WATERS, so expect to start hearing more about that in the coming months.

Peace, love and head explosions, baby,

-- JF

Criminal Element on Indyplanet

Hey folks,

Some of you will remember my beleaguered crime anthology, Criminal Element, which was available briefly in March before we discovered some serious misprints and pulled the book from sale. I have been working to rectify that and I'm pleased to announce that it's now available again from Indyplanet, which will make it much more convenient for customers in North America who don't wan to pay exorbitant shipping rates from Australia. I have, in fact, sold copies to the UK through Indyplanet as well, so it's a good option for you folks in Europe, too.

Criminal Element is a multi-genre crime anthology by an international crew of artists and writers and it's my great pleasure to make it finally available to you. McBlack fans note: this anthology contains a short story called the Delucci Bambino, featuring old Smiley himself and the resolution to a loose plot point from McBlack Vol.01.

There is a new Australian edition in the works as well--please stay tuned and I'll let you know once it's available. Also coming soon to Amazon.com and in digital form from Graphicly.

In the meantime, the American edition is available here. Get 'em while they're hot!


Beardy and the Geek review of The Sixsmiths

Hey, sinners,

Ryan the Geek of Oz and Emmet 'Beardy' O'Cuana of the Momus Report talk about the Sixsmiths in this week's instalment of their collaborative podcast, Beardy and the Geek. They have some very incisive commentary on the book and I recommend it to you highly:


Hail Satan!

-- JF

Oz Comic Con

I will be at Oz Comic Con this weekend selling various awesome comics and GNs, including:
  • McBlack (including the new Two Shot, featuring art by Bruce Mutard, Luke Pickett, Rhys James and John Stewart);
  • Kagemono (featuring work by Justin Jordan, Russell Lissau, Marvin Mann, Chris Sequeira, Jan Scherpenhuizen; and many others), and
  • Terra Magazine

I'm almost out of The Sixsmiths but I will have a few copies--first come first served. Look for me in the Artist's Alley, sharing table 80 with Gary Lau.

The show is going to be huge, chock full of amazing comics guests like Doug Holgate, tom Taylor, Dean Rankine, Paul Mason, Tristan Jones, Wayne Nichols, and some writer guy called Stan Lee. You better git over on over there or you'll regret it for the rest of your days.

McBlack Two Shot gets Momused

Emmet O'Cuana from the excellent pop culture news site The Momus Report gives McBlack Two Shot a nice review in his writeup of Supanova Sydney.

Emmet sums up the project as:

"...a relentless cartoon horrorshow, full of Droogian excessive violence that is perfectly pitched to achieve a sense of deadpan humour."

Which made me grin like a psychopath. Click here to see the whole thing:


The book is available right now from Blackglass Press. A measly five bucks for 24 full colour pages--you know you need it.

Replacement childhood not included.

Five Things


1/ Melbourne Architecture
Melbourne has some unusual geography. The city rings a that narrow-inleted Port Phillip and is bordered on the east by the Dandenong mountains, but it's not the shape of the city that makes it so unusual, it's the size. Melbourne covers a truly massive amount of ground for a city with a population of around 4 million. Sprawling, low-density suburbs... and it keeps on growing. As a result, architecture varies a lot. Downtown is the steel-glass-plastic skyscrapers you'll see in most modern cities, but sprinkled amongst them are smaller gothic buildings and even a few art deco structures. There are still a lot of old terraced houses in the inner northern suburbs and bigger Victorian properties in the not-as-inner east, but a lot of these are poorly maintained and are being replaced with McMansions or apartment blocks.

That said, there is strenuous objection to any kind of increase in housing density and most new consruction for the middle and lower classes is occurring on the city fringe. These new developments are very much in the cookie-cutter planned community style that's popular in America.

2/ Supanova
Supanova is Australia's longest running and probably most ubiquitous pop culture convention. I know the guys who organize this show better than those who organize Armageddon (originally a Kiwi outfit) and I find them a bit easier to deal with, but the shows themselves are virtually indistinguishable. I can't speak for Johnny-come-latelies Oz Comic Con yet, but ask me again two weeks once I've done back to back shows.

Much as I like Supanova it doesn't compare to even lesser know American regional cons, where I cut my teeth, when it comes to comics presence. There are simply less pros here and the Artist Alleys and guest rosters are much smaller. Because it's expensive to fly pros in they are given VIP treatment and that makes it harder for local creators to get the kind of 'down the pub' access to them that's practically traditional in North America. 

3/ Languages I Want To Learn
Hmm. Well, I love languages but for right now the most important one to me, aside from English, is also the one I have the greatest competence in: Japanese. I'm more interested in increasing that competence than in learning another new language or bootstrapping one of the other languages i have some familiarity with up to a similar level. (Other languages I've learned bits of are are Afrikaans, Hebrew and French, which should in itself tell you a lot about where I grew up.)

4/ Best Cinema House I've Ever Been To
Well, I've been to a lot of cinema houses. The coolest one I've been to is probably the Tampa Theatre, which is a massive building constructed in the Florida-Mediterranean style and home to a Mighty Wurlitzer pipe organ. you get to hear a recital on the organ before every show. the most famous cinema theatre I've ever been to is surely Mann's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. But my favourite theater is undoubtedly Melbourne's Astor Cinema--uncomfortable seats and awkward parking and everything. The Astor is always under a cloud from some threat to its existence or other, but it has a fiercely devoted clientele and so far it has managed to dodge every one of them.

5/ Coffee
I love coffee. Black, sometimes with sugar, often without. In North America, where it's almost impossible to find even a half decent cup, I will usually drink Espresso or nothing at all. Here in Australia I'll usually go for an Espresso (short black) or a long black. 

Alrighty, that's it for now. I'm off to item number 2--Supanova--and I will not be around again until next week.

Hasta la vista!

-- JF